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Livia Radu is a Bucharest/Romania born, San Francisco/ California based artist working in oil and acrylic on canvas.


Internally driven and emotionally charged, Livia’s impressionist paintings have been described as “bold and powerful”. In her paintings, you will notice an expressive combination of dark colors and straight lines boldly contouring her painting subjects.  


While Livia has been creating art in various forms throughout her life, playing with graphic design and other mixed media, it was not until early 2017 that she started painting acrylic and oil on canvas, as a self-taught painter.


Livia Radu started painting from her heart and her enthusiasm for life. Her admiration for horses with their distinct personality and theatrical expressiveness inspire her artistic soul and creates fuel for her art.


Playing with shadows and light, Livia brings her painting subjects to life. Beside equestrian art, Livia Radu enjoys painting landscape, still life and abstract art. 


Livia Radu’s art is an expression of what she is most passionate about: horses, dogs, nature, people and life itself.


Livia loves to travel and discover new places spending time in nature, giving her time to reflect and create new paintings with new inspiration every single time.

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